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A management company formed in 2012, Main Line Senior Care Alliance oversees the operations of its two affiliated healthcare and rehabilitation communities, Saunders House and Bryn Mawr Terrace.

The 2007 affiliation of the two communities — each located near a major community hospital (Lankenau and Bryn Mawr Hospitals) — enables the organization to serve older adults from two convenient locations.

Above all, Main Line Senior Care Alliance and its affiliated communities have an enduring commitment to older adults that stems from a philanthropic mission. Saunders House and Bryn Mawr Terrace are both non-profit organizations, which means that the focus of their resources is on providing exceptional care and comfort to the residents they serve.

Main Line Senior Care Alliance communities — Saunders House and Bryn Mawr Terrace — offer a valuable resource for older adults and their families in the area who are in need of senior lifestyle and healthcare services.

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Main Line Senior Care Alliance affiliates — Bryn Mawr Terrace and Saunders House — are non-profit organizations with a commitment to providing exceptional care to all residents. To fulfill our mission and continue providing the highest quality care, we seek philanthropic partners to invest in our future. Support from donors is greatly appreciated.

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The amenities and activities offered within our communities are designed to keep residents happy, fulfilled and living well. From delicious dining to a variety of programming, our communities offer a lifestyle that’s meant to be lived!

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